Corn Maize

Our maze is now closed for the year. Did you do it?  We hope you had a great time in it this year. Did you know that our Corn Maize was the LARGEST in New York State?! That's right! We had 23 ACRES of fun twists and turns to get lost in! This years maize was based on the popular children's game CANDYLAND. Congratulations to the TWO families that won the drawing for family passes to the Palm Island Indoor Waterpark in Batavia.

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Zarpentine offers

  • 17 Variations of Fresh Crisp Apples From Our Own Family Orchards
  • Our famous Homemade Apple Cider Fry Cakes and Fritters!
  • Fresh Pies Baked Daily
  • Our Famous All-You-Can Eat Buckwheat Pancake Breakfasts (Weekends beginning mid February 2019)
  • The LARGEST Corn Maize in New York State!
+ so much more


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Events and Happenings

August 16, 2019

We have fresh vegetables, pies, specialty loaves, coffee cakes, cookies, fry cakes, and our wonderful FRITTERS!!!  Market open at 9 AM every day starting on August 16th at 9:00 AM!!!


 Apples, Apples, Apples!  Our apples will be available starting the 2nd week of August as they ripen. The orchard is looking great and we can see it's going to be an awesome year.