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The Maize - 2019 - watch our newspaper ads, our website, and our Facebook page for news on our Maize!!!








Harvested Apples Fresh From Our Orchards!!



Some Wonderful Fresh Snacking Apples!

Jonagold, MacIntosh, Gala, Cortland

Fantastic and Fresh Baking Apples (Great for Pies and Apple Sauce)!

Our 20 Ounce (Firm, Meaty & Tart), Cortlands (Sweet/Neutral)

Just to help you with the apple availability:

Crispins - Not available

Empire - Not available

Granny Smith - Not available

JonaGold - Not available

Ida Reds - Not available

Northern Spies - Not available

Golden Delicious - Not available

Red Delicious - Not available

Gala - Not available

Macintosh - Not available

Cortland - Not available

20 oz. - Not available

Jersey Mac - Not available 

Paula Red - Available 

Zestar - Available 

Ginger Gold - Available 

Also available -



Squash - many different kinds 



Sweet corn


Bartlett Pears





Zarpentine Farms Open All Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Events and Happenings

 We have fresh vegetables, pies, specialty loaves, coffee cakes, cookies, fry cakes, and our wonderful FRITTERS!!!  Market opens at 9 AM every day!


 Closing for the season on November 25 at 7pm.

 All Thanksgiving Pies must be ordered by the end of Friday 11/22.  Get your orders in now to avoid missing out.

Please call 392-3611 or stop in to reserve your pie.

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