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We offer a wide range of home grown fresh produce for a great price!  We grow over 17 varieties of apples ALONE!!!!

Gala - Not available

Macintosh - Not available

Cortland - Not available

Empire - Not available

Macoun - Not available

Golden Delicious - Not available

Red Delicious - Not available

Crispin - Not available

Jonagold - Not available

Idared - Not available

Northern Spies - Not available

Granny Smith -  Not available

Jersey Mac - Not available 

Ginger Gold - Not available

Paula Red - Not available 

Zestar - Not available 

20 OZ. - Not available

Honey Crisp - Not available

We Also Ship Apples All Over The Country!! Send your Out-Of-State Loved Ones Some Fresh New York Zarpentine Apples!!!


Barlett -Not available

Bosc - Not available 


Red and White Potatoes - Available

Salt Potatoes - Not available

Sweet Onions - Available

Purple Onions - Available

Cooking Onions - Available

Critter Corn - Not available

Corn Stalks - Not available 

Hay Bales - Available

Sweet Corn - Not available 

Tomatoes - Not available

Zucchini and Summer Squash - Not available 

Cucumbers - Not available 

Peppers - Not available 

Butternut Squash - Not available

Acorn Squash - Not available

Cabbage - Not available 

Eggplant - Not available


We now carry Once Again Nut Butters - organic and gluten free nut butters.  For those who are allergic to nuts we offer sunflower seed butter.

Also new are a nice selection of  River Rat cheeses.

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Events and Happenings

January 28, 2018

Starting January 28th, we will be closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays!  The Farm Market will be closing for the winter and spring on March 26 and will reopen in August.


 Apples, Apples, Apples!  We still have many varieties available. And we still have the utility quality apples in bushels only for $10. This is the best value in the area!


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