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We offer a wide range of home grown fresh produce for a great price!  We grow over 17 varieties of apples ALONE!!!! 

Varieties will be available as they ripen!!

HoneyCrisp - coming soon

Gala - available now

Macintosh - available now

Cortland - available now

Zestar - no longer available

Crispin - coming soon

Jonagold - coming soon

Empire - available now

Macoun - available now

Golden Delicious - coming soon

Red Delicious - coming soon

20 OZ. - available now

Idared = coming soon

Northern Spies - coming soon

Granny Smith - coming soon

Ginger Gold - coming soon

Paula Red - coming soon

Jersey Mac - coming soon

We Also Ship Apples All Over The Country!! Send your Out-Of-State Loved Ones Some Fresh New York Zarpentine Apples!!!  Shipping starts any time now - we cannot ship to Arizona and California !!

Your family and friends love getting fresh apples - this makes a wonderful Thanksgiving or Christmas gift !!!


Barlett - available

Bosc - Not available

Peaches -Not available


White Potatoes - not available

Salt Potatoes - not available

Gourds and Pumpkins - available

Sweet Onions - available

Purple Onions - available

Cooking Onions - available

Critter Corn - not available

Corn Stalks - available

Hay Bales - available

Sweet Corn - not available

Tomatoes - available

Zucchini and Summer Squash - not available

Cucumbers - not available

Peppers - not available

Tomatoes - available

Yellow Squash - not available

Acorn Squash - not Available

Butternut Squash - not Available

Spaghetti Squash - not available

Cabbage - not available 

Eggplant - not available


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Give us a call, we'd love to hear from you! (585) 392-3611

Events and Happenings

 We have fresh vegetables, pies, specialty loaves, coffee cakes, cookies, fry cakes, and our wonderful FRITTERS!!!  Market opens at 9 AM Wednesday through Sunday!


 Market opens Thursday, August 18th


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